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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comments On President Clinton's Ufo Video

Well he did not come out and say yes aliens are real and they are here. A persons hand jesters and the movement of their eyes can tell you more than words. Watch the video that was posted earlier and watch the mannerism of the former president. Look at his hand when he rubs his eye. He is basically telling us, if he comes out and say aliens are real, he is a dead man. That is what I got from the video. Nobody holds that hand like that. He is making a gun with his hand. Check it out and see if you agree with me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ufo Research Truth Is in the Eye of the Beholder

What is truth?" Thanks to inclusion in the Bible of a confrontation between Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ, this question or answer is possibly the most famous statement ever made on the subject. Pilate''s definition of truth was whatever suited his agenda. That definition is still used for the same purpose by many today.

The subject of UFOs and Aliens may or may not reach the eternal importance of the argument between Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ depending on who you talk to, but the search for the truth about them receives the same manipulation. For example, when UFO Organizations meet for conferences and symposiums, they often hang banners that say, "The Truth is Out There" or "Searching for the Truth." But what truth are they looking for?

I was an avid reader of books about unidentified flying objects, extra-terrestrials and other paranormal phenomenon as an adolescent. When I began my own paranormal research and investigation as a teenager, I decided to be as objective as possible. The truth I was looking for was less theory and more facts. Facts are objective until we decide to interpret them.

Today, many UFO researchers view the phenomenon as a buffet table. They pick and choose what they decide is credible and throw out the rest. Their search for the truth only includes those facts that they can or will accept. I can''t tell you how many important cases came my way (and still do) because others in this field simply turned their noses up at the source or nature of the information.

I am not going to tell you that I initially appreciated, believed or even liked some of the cases or individuals that I have investigated over the years. I am also not going to tell you that everything reported to me always turned out to be true. Instead, I''ll tell you that it is a mistake to prejudge information based on some pet theory or desire to retain a certain image for yourself or your organization.

Sometimes I believe that the original mainstream UFO organizations invented the idea of political correctness. Blasted by the press and scolded by scientists, most decided that if you can''t beat them, join them. They began to pander to reporters, journalists, scientists and skeptics. And not just pander.

It wasn''t long before the notoriously skeptical, often wishy-washy and always ideologically-driven scientific community became the litmus test for UFO evidence credibility. If a scientist could not find a way to fit the facts of any given case into some current scientific theory or model, it didn''t exist. The truth became whatever they said it was and the only information accepted the mainstream UFO research community was that which survived scientific sifting.

I am not the kind of person that believes there are no absolute truths and that life is one big grey area. However, I also believe that science is a long way from understanding the nature of those truths, being able to interpret them as a formula on a chalk board or reproduce them in a laboratory. Science is what we think we know about our existence. It provides a means for us to discover and use certain principles for better or worse. It should never be considered a final authority to judge what we believe to be true.

Most scientists ignore facts that go against their grain of established beliefs until those facts can no longer be ignored. It is process of knowledge and information forced one way or another by the whims and egos of academics. It''s Investigation by Debunking. Instead of proving something exists, let''s prove it doesn''t and whatever remains is worthy of consideration. It is, literally, backward thinking and exclusionary research.

Investigating paranormal or supernatural events requires something more than Debunking. It requires the ability to admit that not everything is always as it seems and sometimes things occur that are beyond our ability to immediately comprehend them. One of the greatest lessons that I have learned as a result of paranormal investigation is that anything is possible.

When I first began to investigate the Philadelphia Experiment, I was warned not to take it seriously by most in the field of UFO investigation. Although witnesses were few and scattered and the information seemed spurious, not all the news was bad. While denying that it ever occurred, the Office of Naval Research began an investigation in 1957 which involved people that became aware of it and the information they possessed. It''s always been my belief that if you wanted to find a buried bone, you should follow the dog that buried it.

While it''s possible that the ONR was simply unaware of the experiment and decided to take a look at the matter, it''s unlikely. Investigations on that level were not initiated without careful consideration and approval from superior officers in charge. The government interest in the Philadelphia Experiment was reason enough to begin following their trail. Part of that trail lead to Morris K. Jessup, an author and amateur astronomer that ended up dead under suspicious circumstances. And that was just the beginning.

The Philadelphia Experiment was said to have somehow involved UFOs and Aliens from the very beginning. Allegedly began as a World War II Navy Project to demagnetize ships against mines and make the vessels radar invisible, it progressed to a point where a ship became invisible, opened a door in hyperspace, traveled through time and returned. Alien contact was made somewhere along the way and their technology was eventually included in future projects based on those original experiments in the 1940s.

Despite the ONR interest, suspicious death of Jessup, alien involvement and other factors that made the experiment worthy of investigation, most in the establishment UFO research community chose to ignore it. I believe that choice was based largely on the opinion of scientists that lined up dozens deep to explain why it was simply wasn''t possible to conduct such an experiment in the early 1940s. Today, many scientists are no longer arguing over the possibility of invisibility, time travel and mind control, they are busy arguing over which theory about these concepts makes the most sense and how much it will cost to build the equipment they will need to prove it.

Because they have placed their trust in shaky science, we have ended up with useless Ufology. Over the past thirty years I have witnessed various establishment UFO research organizations embrace cases with dubious photographic evidence and very little witness credibility simply because they couldn''t find a way to recreate the photos in a controlled environment. When these cases ultimately fell apart or someone found little UFO models in a garbage can, all UFO and paranormal researchers suffered a serious loss of credibility.

While embracing what seemed like obvious hoaxes to experienced UFO investigators, these same mainstream UFO research organizations and the individuals that hover around them where quick to denounce almost every government whistleblower that came along and all the cases they brought with them. The Roswell UFO Crash is a good case example.

In February of 1978, Jesse Marcel placed a phone call to a UFO researcher associated with several mainstream UFO research organizations. He told the researcher that he had seen and handled wreckage from the Roswell event. Marcel was certain this was not simply material from a weather or radar balloon. Little was done about this for a year until an author that knew the UFO researcher dug up some old news clippings about Marcel in February of 1979. At that point, the researcher took a more serious interest in the case.

The author was Bill Moore who ultimately published The Roswell Incident. He completed the manuscript for the book without having ever visited Roswell. It''s important to understand that Major Jesse Marcel was an intelligence officer directly involved with the Roswell UFO Crash. He had been making the claim that the Roswell material was not conventional since 1970. I can say with great surety that if I had been made aware of these claims, I would not have ignored them or waited until someone gave me a grant to investigate them.

Up until Marcel''s revelations about the possibility that a real Alien Spacecraft crashed near Roswell, NM, in 1947, the establishment UFO research community considered the matter case closed. They apparently accepted the government version of what happened and looked at the story as a legendary non-event that had been resurrected by a passing mention in a book by Frank Scully long after the incident actually occurred.

History repeated itself in 1997 when retired Army Colonel Philip Corso came forward and told his own story about the Roswell Crash. Corso was not just some guy off the street. Despite amazing credentials, the media portrayed him as just another UFO witness with a story that went against the government version of what happened.

Instead of immediately coming to Corso''s defense, most in the establishment UFO research community were slow to react and still fussing over a 1994 government statement which provided another one of many explanations for Roswell. This time high altitude balloons with crash test dummies were blamed for the UFO crash story. The only problem was that such tests weren''t actually conducted until years after the 1947 UFO crash. Corso probably had no idea that the only way to get noticed by mainstream Ufology was to make his story known to them first. Because he didn''t, their pundits attacked.

The Corso book was said to nothing more than a retelling of facts, theories and information already provided in books published by (you guessed it) researchers and authors associated with mainstream UFO research organizations. Of course the only ones that probably saw it that way were the pundits. From their standpoint, Corso should have contacted them, told his story and allowed them to write the book.

U.S. Government Whistleblowers like Robert Lazar, John Lear and Bill English all received the same treatment by the mainstream UFO research organizations. That treatment ran the gamut from being almost completely ignored, to barely tolerated to being largely discredited. Lazar had impressive academic credentials and was the former employee of a major government contractor, while Lear was an experienced Pilot with government connections and English had an impressive military background.

The truth is out there and we''re not going to find it by ignoring evidence or individuals that do not fit our agendas, belittling witnesses that happen to contact other UFO organizations or attempting to debunk evidence before we investigate it. The truth is only elusive to those who fail to understand that facts are objective under we try and shape them to fit our needs.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dennis Kucinich Incident UFO Encounters by Politicians and Celebrities

Shirley MacLaine had some things to say about Dennis Kucinich and UFOs in her new book, Sage-ing While Age-ing. According to Ms MacLaine, Dennis Kucinich had a UFO sighting while he was visiting her home in Graham, Washington, about fifteen years ago. She writes, "And then the smell of roses drew him out to my balcony, where he looked up. He saw a gigantic, triangular craft, silent and observing him. He said it hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so and sped away with a speed he couldn''t comprehend." Kucinich was later asked if he really did see a UFO by Tim Russert of NBC News during a debate involving the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate hopefuls and replied, "I have to keep in mind that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO." I''m guessing that the Congressman felt a need to play the Carter card to add credibility to his answer.

There are a number of important politicians and celebrities connected to the UFO subject in one way or another. Former U.S. Presidents Reagan and Carter have openly talked about experiencing UFO sightings, while President John F. Kennedy had a close encounter that was a little too close for comfort. Carter saw a classic nocturnal light while standing around waiting for a meeting to begin with ten members of the Lion''s Club of Leary, Georgia in October of 1969. The object appeared to change color and shape during the roughly ten to twelve minutes they watched it.

During the 1976 Presidential Campaign, Jimmy Carter talked about his sighting and promised to reveal anything he could find out about UFOs if elected. Although a former Navy Officer, he was considered a dove by members of the military hierarchy. They didn''t trust him and believed Carter was trying to starve them down into smaller and less influential departments through funding cuts. It''s assumed that he was never told anything of substance about UFOs by military insiders.

While many historians choose to paint Carter as having a cozy relationship with intelligence gathering agencies because of his less threatening assessment of the Soviet Union''s military abilities that agreed with some of theirs, this doesn''t mix well with the facts. During his first briefing by then CIA Director George H.W. Bush, President Elect Carter asked to see documents related to UFOs. Bush told him that any documents which might exist about such things were classified above his immediate need to know. If he wanted to see any, he would have to ask the appropriate congressional committee to declassify them. As president, Carter sought to dismantle the CIA superstructure into smaller agencies, but failed.

Ronald Reagan was a completely different story. As a member of Army Air Force Intelligence during World War II, a supporter of military modernization and a president with a vice president that once served as CIA Director, we assume he was told more about UFOs than most elected officials. Reagan''s own interest in and experience with the phenomenon is well known. His daughter, Patti Davis, said he was "fascinated with stories about unidentified flying objects and the possibility of life on other worlds."

Ronald Reagan had two UFO sightings that we know about. The first occurred while he was still acting in films sometime during the 1950s. After showing up late for a dinner party attended by other Hollywood celebrities, Ronald and Nancy Reagan said they saw a UFO. This story was later confirmed by the Kitty Kelly, Lucille Ball and Steve Allen. The second sighting occurred in 1974 while he was Governor of California.

Less than a month after leaving the presidency in 1989, Ronald Reagan reiterated a story he first told to a Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal in 1974:

"I was in a plane last week when I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, ''Have you seen anything like that before?'' He was shocked and said, ''Nope.'' And I said to him: ''Let''s follow it!''

We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright greenish-white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When we got off the plane, I told Nancy all about it."

During his first summer as President, John F. Kennedy retreated to the Kennedy compound along the Nantucket Sound in Hyannis, Massachusetts, for some rest and relaxation. While cruising around in one of the Kennedy motor boats, the president and a few guests reportedly saw a classic disc-shaped object suddenly appear at a low altitude near their vessel. At one point, the disc may have been as close as one hundred feet away. This sent secret service agents in nearby launches scrambling to get the president''s boat to safety. After the object vanished and the motor boat was back on shore, the president told his guests not to talk about what happened.

While Carter, Reagan and Kennedy saw unidentified flying objects and George H.W. Bush probably knew all about them, UFO stories involving Presidents Truman and Eisenhower have become legendary. The story of an alleged meeting between Alien dignitaries and President Dwight D. Eisenhower is one that refuses to die. It stems from a report that the president disappeared briefly during a trip to a Palm Springs resort which occurred in February of 1954.

On Saturday, February 20, 1954, some members of the white house press corps noticed that President Eisenhower missed a planned event. They contacted his spokesperson who seemed unable to provide an immediate explanation for the absence. After it became obvious that the president was no longer at the Palm Springs resort, rumors flew that he might have become seriously ill and been moved to a military infirmary or hospital for treatment. Finally, a besieged spokesperson told the press that the president chipped a tooth during a meal and was taken to visit a nearby dentist.

A steak barbeque was held a few days later and the dentist who allegedly treated Eisenhower was introduced to the press. The man seemed embarrassed and nervous. Years later his widow was unable to provide any particulars about the president''s visit to the dentist''s office that was located in their home. Instead, a number of stories have surfaced about a late night trip that President Eisenhower made to Edwards Air Force Base.

Eisenhower''s alleged visit to Edwards has always been a point of conspiratorial contention. Some say it had to do with an invitation to view some new super weapon or secret military aircraft. Others claim that Eisenhower actually met and signed agreements with some type of Aliens. Personally, I believe he was shown what remained of a crashed UFO and its occupants from any one of several crashes that may have taken place in the Southwest USA during the late 1940s or early 1950s.

President Harry Truman has become an enigmatic figure within UFO research thanks to a series of documents that tell the tale of a quickly-formed scientific advisory committee known as Majestic Twelve. The committee was ordered into existence by Truman in 1947 and consisted of twelve people which included prominent scientists, members of the military and elected officials. Originally created to study all available evidence that UFOs might be extraterrestrial crafts and offer advice to the President, the group may have evolved into a government within a government to deal with UFOs and Aliens in a manner that was completely separate from other U.S. Government departments or agencies.

John Lennon''s UFO experiences are among the most popular and controversial celebrity UFO events ever discussed and all are said to have occurred in New York City. Most people have heard about the August, 1974 sighting, so I will relate that story first. It began with the return of Lennon and May Pang from a long day at the Record Plant East where Lennon was working on tracks for his upcoming Walls and Bridges album. The two were staying at his 52nd Street Apartment which had a commanding view of the East River and the sky.

Sometime after 8:30pm, May was taking a shower while Lennon went up to the roof. After a few minutes, he began yelling for her to come up there. May rushed to the roof and found John pointing to what looked like a classic disc-shaped UFO that was silently hovering about 100 feet from them. The object seemed to change shape as it rotated and moved slowly towards the United Nations Building and out over the East River. Before it moved away, May ran and retrieved a 35mm camera from the apartment. She was able to get back to the roof in time to snap off a few photos of the object.

After the disc moved away, Lennon and May returned to the apartment. John made arrangements to have the film developed immediately by a photographer who was also a friend. Bob Gruen came and picked up the film. He returned to his studio and developed the film along with two rolls of his own. Gruen''s film developed perfectly, but he said that Lennon''s was blank. Fortunately, Lennon started making sketches of what he and May saw while it was all still fresh in his mind.

Another story about Lennon and a possible UFO experience comes from Uri Geller. He met Lennon in November of 1974 during a concert that Elton John was giving at Madison Square Garden. Geller was a kind of mystic to the Stars in those days and Lennon was in need of any help he could find. Distraught over his separation from Yoko, he wanted her back and asked Geller to use his alleged psychic powers to help. Yoko phoned John within thirty-six hours, the lovers reunited and John and Uri became friends.

Sometime after their reconciliation, Geller was eating with John and Yoko in a New York City restaurant. Yoko was pregnant, so it had to be sometime before Sean Lennon was born in October of 1975. Geller says that John became very serious and asked him to step over to a smaller table in a quiet corner of the restaurant. Once seated, Lennon spoke in discreet tones and told Uri about an incident that happened six months before. He and Yoko were asleep in bed when John suddenly woke up and noticed a blazing light shining through the cracks and keyhole of their bedroom door.

Thinking there was a fire or someone with a powerful flashlight trying to get into the room; he jumped out of their bed and opened the door. He was confronted by four beings. Lennon said, "They were, like, little. Bug-like. Big bug eyes and little bug mouths and they were scuttling at me like roaches." He tried to resist the beings, but they kept coming at him. Lennon said that his next memory was of being back in bed with Yoko.

Yoko didn''t wake up during the incident, but later when she did it was obvious that John was very upset and confused. He couldn''t tell her what happened right away and waited for an unspecified period of time before he did. Exclaiming that he was sober and wasn''t doing any drugs at that time, Lennon said it wasn''t some sort of hallucination or lucid dream. According to Geller, John''s assertion about the reality of what happened was backed up by physical evidence.

When Lennon woke up, he claimed to be holding a small egg-shaped object in his hand. After eventually telling Yoko about the incident, he showed it to her. He also showed it to Geller. None of them had ever seen anything like it. However, apart from the golden color and egg shape, little is none about the object and it would be up to Geller to proceed with any investigation of its properties. Many abductees have told stories of being given various objects by their Alien abductors, only to have them taken back later

Having met many celebrities over the years, I can appreciate their need to weigh any statement they might consider making about anything carefully in the balances before speaking or writing it for public consumption. A fickle public and press can easily turn on someone famous for the smallest indiscretion. Imagine how they might react to news that a famous celebrity or important politician has had a UFO or other paranormal experience.

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Bill Knell is a popular Speaker, Author and Consultant with eclectic interests. Featured in the Wall Street Journal; seen on NBC Nightly News; heard on Mancow and Howard Stern; consultant to films like Men in Black and World of the Worlds.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Roswell Ufo Crash Sixty Years Later (1947-2007) More Secrets yet to Be Revealed

Thousands will gather in Roswell, NM, this summer for the annual UFO Festival. Because it''s been sixty years since the UFO crash, this festival will be more important than most. Despite self-serving, ever-changing statements directly or indirectly from the U.S. Government, no one really knows what crashed near Roswell in July of 1947. However, thanks to the courage of individuals that have come forward to speak about what they witnessed or the role they played in the unexplained event, we can be almost certain of one thing. It was, in the words of the late Jesse Marcel Sr., "not of this earth."

Marcel was an Intelligence Officer at the base and had personal involvement with the investigation of the material from the crash site. He is not alone in his assessment of what crashed near Roswell. The late Retired Colonel Philip Corso offered his own experiences as proof positive in a book entitled ''The Day after Roswell.'' Shortly after the UFO crash, Corso had an opportunity to view an unusual cadaver preserved in some sort of blue liquid while he was Post Duty Officer at Fort Riley, KS. The body came from Roswell via Fort Bliss and was en route to Wright Field (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH).

It''s important to remember that these are just two of the many people that had first or second hand knowledge about the crash. Even a quick examination of the collective evidence would indicate this event involved something more than a weather, high altitude or radar balloon with a bunch of crash test dummies or cadavers aboard. It was more than some crazy test vehicle that a bunch of super-intelligent children or midgets were piloting around the New Mexico desert during a violent thunderstorm. These facts make the Roswell UFO Festival an essential event that has become an annual reminder of a great mystery that remains unsolved.

Although I have been to Roswell over twenty times since the early 1980s, I have never attended the festival. My loss. However, I have (by invitation) presented seminars in the town before the festival was organized and visited occasionally since that time. Despite missing out on all the festivities, I have always enjoyed the calm and mystery of the place without all the hoopla.

I presented my first seminar in Roswell during 1992. It was supposed to be a low-key event at a nice hotel and small convention facility for a group of former military personnel (unrelated to the old base) holding a reunion in town. They invited me to speak after one of the organizers heard a guest spot that I did on an Albuquerque radio show the year before. Barely aware of the crash, the organizer was fascinated by my analysis of what happened at Roswell in 1947. He wanted those attending the reunion to have an opportunity to hear the same thing.

I arrived in town a few days before the event so that I could snoop around as I usually did whenever I came to Roswell. Unfortunately, my radio and television appearances in Albuquerque to plug a seminar I presented there alerted the media in Roswell. A noontime television interview that I did on a local Albuquerque news program was simulcast in Roswell and that was the end of my ambiguity. With the story of the Roswell Crash all over the map in those days and a shortage of UFO researchers that spoke about Roswell actually visiting their town, I was invited to appear on a midday TV news show, booked for a guest spot on local radio and gave an interview to the Roswell Daily Record.

Fortunately, my seminar for the group holding their reunion in Roswell was also open to the public. And the public came out in force. I was surprised because you would think that after the publication of The Roswell Incident, an Unsolved Mystery episode on the crash and all the media coverage received, the people in town would be sick of hearing about UFOs. Instead, they couldn''t get enough.

One of the people that attended my seminar was Glenn Dennis. He was the funeral home worker that said he arrived at the Roswell Base just after the crash in 1947. He took some time to speak with me after the seminar ended and said that my presentation about UFOs was the most accurate and the best he had ever seen. Similar kudos were thrown my way by others in the audience and those comments remain a highlight of my time as a paranormal researcher.

Most of the younger people that came out to my seminar candidly told me that most of what they learned about the crash came from TV specials and occasional news reports. Given my first visit to Roswell in the 80''s, I believed them. Asking about the location of the crash in those days tended to get you dirty looks. Roswell citizens were in a state of denial and even the history of the old Roswell Base seemed unimportant to them at that time. It was a lesson in how successful a cover-up and government intimidation can be.

Despite their lack of enthusiasm for local history during my first visit to Roswell, I am happy to report that the town has had a complete turn around. Barely mentioned in the town brochure and considered a kind of local embarrassment in those days, the UFO Crash has become almost a centerpiece of town history. The base, its connection to atomic history and the former military members that served there have also received a lot more attention in the post no-nukes atmosphere of the 1970s and 1980s. The people have changed as well.

A new generation seems to embrace the attention that the UFO Crash brings each year. The 1994 Showtime Networks cable television film about the UFO Crash entitled, Roswell, renewed a lot of local interest in the crash and a reexamination of what really happened. That coincided with a call for the release of government documents about the UFO crash by the late Steven Schiff, a New Mexico Representative driven to make the inquiry by calls and letters from his constituents. The 1990s remained hot for Roswell with the 1997 publication of Colonel Corso''s book, The Day after Roswell, and the 1999 premier of Roswell, the TV Series (1999-2002).

Roswell is still a treasure house of undiscovered secrets. Proof of that comes from the people that still come forward with information about the things that happened in the town. Last year I was contacted by a man living in California who I''ll call Al. After listening to the rebroadcast of a radio program recorded a few years ago with the late Colonel Corso talking about the Roswell UFO crash, Al began to give some thought to something that had occurred earlier in his life.

Al moved to San Francisco, California, in 1964. Sometime in the winter of 1964-65, he was set up on a blind date with ''a good-looking young blond woman.'' While he could not recall her name or where they went on the date, he did remember an unusual conversation they had at the end of the evening. At some point the young woman asked Al if he believed in the existence of other life forms or Alien life in the Universe. Al said he did and gave a few reasons why, which included the size of the Universe and the common scientific probabilities of the day. The young woman almost immediately gave affirmation to Al by saying something like, "Yea, you''re right," and followed up with a most amazing story.

She was the daughter of an Air Force Chaplain. The family lived in Roswell and her father was serving on the base in the late 1940s. The young woman told him that sometime during dinner two men came to the door to get her dad. She recalled hearing them tell him that his services were needed. The incident caused such a stir in the household that everyone stayed up late until he returned.

Seeing that everyone was still awake, the Chaplain told his family that he was called to give religious comfort to some sort of Alien Life Forms near what seemed to be a crashed spacecraft. At least two of four creatures were still alive when he got there. He described them as looking a bit like adolescent boys, but obviously not human. No one knew what the creatures were or precisely how to care for them. As a result, all of the beings eventually perished. That was the crux of the story and the woman told Al that the family never discussed it in-depth again. Despite the lack of details, it presents an intriguing challenge and is typical of stories that pop up now and again.

Even more stunning are the revelations of the late Dr Michael Wolf, the ultimate U.S. Government insider. Introduced to him by my friend and fellow paranormal researcher Dick Criswell about twenty years ago, I was initially skeptical of some of his claims which included personal knowledge of various secret programs involving the government and aliens, technology gained from UFO crashes and agreements with aliens, and a UFO incident involving the late President John F. Kennedy (his wife was related to the Kennedy Family).

My skepticism vanished after a few conversations with him over the phone and various demonstrations of his political clout. If wouldn''t be unusual to find him speaking over the phone with Vice President Dan Quayle or former President Bill Clinton (Yes, it REALLY was them, not a joke or impersonation). I was also impressed by a mental exercise that he developed for the government. He called it The Gateway Treatment. It was disguised as a relaxation meditation that attracts positive energy and certainly accomplishes that goal, but it''s basically a way to mentally summon aliens.

Notoriously camera and press shy, he nevertheless felt compelled to share some of his amazing information and exploits with a few close friends and trusted paranormal researchers during the years shortly before his death in 2000. As a board member of the International Paranormal UFO Society, I am thrilled to announce the release of the only known video interview recorded with Dr Wolf on DVD entitled, DR MICHAEL WOLF: KEEPER OF COSMIC SECRETS. The video was filmed in 1998.

Those that look at the Roswell UFO Crash as case closed or believe that it a field that has already been farmed too many times do not understand the nature of the UFO subject or the power of the government cover-up. Years ago I spoke to a UFO witness. The event he observed occurred while he was in the military. He received calls at least once a month from people who said that they knew what happened and that he had better not talk about it.

Although he hadn''t told anyone except his immediate superior about the incident, people in high places seemed to know about it and the calls continued for years. Imagine the power of that kind of intimidation. Now imagine living in what became a government town during the 1940s. It wasn''t hard for anyone to imagine being locked up in some federal prison like Leavenworth if you happen to run afoul of federal authorities. Retired military personnel had even more to lose. They could end up in prison and forfeit any benefits, pay or pensions due them.

Sixty years after the Roswell UFO crash, we still do not have the entire story. However, that doesn''t mean there is no story. It just means that the U.S. Government has managed to convince most people that the idea of alien life forms visiting us is just not probable and that whatever crashed near Roswell isn''t something we need to be concerned about. Well, I beg to differ. The only thing that will come from trusting government officials to make all of the decisions while we remain blissfully ignorant is tyranny.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

The O'Hare's International Airport Ufo Sighting

On November 7, 2006, several United Airlines employees reported seeing a UFO hovering above Gate C17 at O''Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Based on eyewitness reports, the sighting occurred sometime between four and four thirty in the afternoon (central time). The witnesses may have included a ramp worker, an aircraft mechanic, one or more pilots and some passengers waiting to board planes.

The UFO was described as a dull grey disc-shaped object which might have been twenty to thirty feet in diameter. That is a classic description and size for most daylight disc sightings. According to the witnesses that saw it depart, the disc moved upward at an incredible speed leaving a ''hole'' in the cloud cover which was at about 19,000 feet on that day.

To understand what happened at O''Hare on that day, I contacted a friend. To assure his anonymity, I''ll call him Bob. I have known Bob since 1988. In the spring of that year there were a number of UFO sightings above and near both LaGuardia and JFK Airports in New York City. I first became aware of these when NYC Fire Fighters contacted me. Working out of a Fire House near LaGuardia, they had a habit of sitting in lawn chairs on the roof when things were slow and the weather was nice.

The Fire Fighters began to notice strange objects that seemed to come in from the west and travel through the LaGuardia airspace. These objects were cigar-shaped and had a dull gray color. This went on for several days. One of the Fire Fighters called the airport, but they blew him off and said nothing like that had been reported. Frustrated, they called me after seeing my UFOS Over Long Island cable TV show.

After mentioning the sightings during a guest spot on WABC Talk Radio, I received a call from two excellent sources. One was an Air Traffic Controller and the other was Bob. I later met the Controller in person. After I was satisfied that he was an Air Traffic Controller working in the NYC area, we talked. He told me that the objects hadn''t been tracked by him, but that calls came into his work area about the unidentified objects on several occasions. These were passed on to the FAA since no immediate threat to aircraft in the area could be discerned.

Bob spoke with me on the phone a few times before we met for lunch in suburban New Jersey. He was an experienced military and civilian pilot. More importantly, Bob worked as an Aviation Security Consultant. He made it clear that it would be impossible for him to say anything about what he did or didn''t learn about the UFO phenomenon while in the Military. However, he agreed to brief me on procedures and practices that the FAA and Airlines had in place for dealing with UFO sightings. His descriptions were cautious and carefully worded.

"Nothing ever happens with known aircraft in the sky that the FAA doesn''t know or find out about," he began. "If an experimental aircraft was scheduled to enter and pass through New York City airspace, they would be told as far in advance as regulations and procedures might allow. A log entry would be created." Bob indicated that he would have access to that information and that no such entry existed for the dates in question.

Bob explained that the best way to approach the Fire House sightings was to eliminate what the guys didn''t see before thinking about what they did see. After working with me for almost three weeks, he eliminated most every logical explanation including weather phenomenon. Bob had a knack for attention to detail and loved throwing charts, graphs, weather reports and statistics at me to prove his point. Based on all that and my own investigation, we concluded that the objects were unidentified and probably under some sort of intelligent control.

I speak with Bob on the phone a few times a year. When I decided to take a look at the O''Hare sighting, I gave him a call. Although he has no personal knowledge about this matter beyond what has been reported online, Bob is always more than helpful when it comes to understanding UFO sightings involving pilots, airports and aircraft. He agreed to allow me to record our phone conversation and use a few quotes:

"People believe when something strange is spotted over an airport, all kinds of alarms go off. That''s not the case, "he began. "There are federal, state and local agencies that have jurisdiction over airports in the United States. They make sure those facilities are safe and operate efficiently. Contingency plans are in place to handle emergencies based on the big picture. That picture doesn''t include anything out of the ordinary. A UFO hovering over the airport would be an example of something not included in those plans."

"Nothing flies without Federal Government permission. Nothing happens at the Airport unless federal, state and local governments, airlines, employees and unions can agree on what should happen, when and how. Nothing works at an Airport without the cooperation of the Airlines. They can''t get a single aircraft off the ground without the cooperation of their employees. That''s the pecking order. It''s not a process designed to immediately cope with unexpected situations."

Evidence of the truth in Bob''s statements to me can easily be seen by the reactions to the eyewitnesses that called to report their UFO sightings at O''Hare. Those reactions ranged from laughter to a complete a disregard for the witnesses and the situation they were reporting. This one wasn''t in the playbook, so it was going to be ignored until it could be ignored.

The National UFO Reporting Center was the first (as far as I know) to report this situation and they did so based on an eyewitness report filed with that organization. The report appeared on their website about a week after the sighting. That may seem like an unreasonable amount of time for the release of such important information, but I''m sure they just wanted to be certain this wasn''t some hoax or silly prank. And from a practical investigative standpoint, it just takes time to verify something like that. I''m sure almost everyone they called from the Government Agencies to the Airlines had no interest in seeing this go public.

Agencies like the FAA and the TSA still adhere to the time-proven practice of pleading ignorance, denial or just stalling when it comes to any inquiries. Even Freedom of Information requests have limited value. There isn''t a federal employee out there that doesn''t know whatever they put down on paper may come back to haunt them. That''s why many UFO Researchers depend on eyewitnesses and whistleblowers to get the most valuable and reliable information about any sighting or encounter.

Pilots, people that work at Airports and those who live nearby tend to be the best UFO witnesses. That''s because they are used to seeing things fly around the sky all day and night. When something really different comes along, they can spot it right away. That is a simple and logical conclusion to draw and one being ignored by the news media. I guess it''s just easier for them to pretend that the O''Hare UFO Sighting never happened, then to investigate the situation or try and explain it.

My own paranormal investigations have taught me something that might explain their apathy. No matter how credible the source may be, a piece of information is only as good as people''s ability to believe it. After years of government denial and belittling of credible UFO witnesses, many reporters think that there just isn''t any proof that we''re being visited by beings from other worlds. They probably lack the confidence in their own abilities to try and convince the public otherwise. Even if a UFO landed on their front lawn, an Alien came out and asked for directions to O''Hare, I doubt most news people would believe their own eyes.

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Former President Bill Clinton Speaks Out About UFOs (or Does He?)

During one of many radio interviews that former President Bill Clinton has done recently to help his wife?s presidential campaign, he was asked about the UFO subject The question came from Big D and Bubba, Morning Show Jocks on the Premier Radio Network

During one of many radio interviews that former President Bill Clinton has done recently to help his wife?s presidential campaign, he was asked about the UFO subject. The question came from Big D and Bubba, Morning Show Jocks on the Premier Radio Network. Budda asked Clinton, ?When will we, if we will ever know the truth about UFOs?? Clinton replied, ?It?s interesting that you ask that because when we celebrated the anniversary of that event out in New Mexico (the Roswell UFO Crash)?I actually got all the government documents and read them and I?m convinced it wasn?t a UFO there?but who knows??

It was no surprise that the former president managed to do the old political sidestep and failed to actually answer the question. I?m sure he was concerned about what any speculation regarding UFOs and government secrecy might do to Hillary?s Campaign. However, it was a surprise that Clinton has refused to share at least some of what he personally knows to be true about UFOs. Two major briefings on the subject took place during President Clinton?s Administration. One was unofficial and the other was official.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were staying at the Rockefeller Teton Ranch near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when they were given an extensive briefing about UFOs by philanthropist and UFO enthusiast Laurence Rockefeller in August of 1996. Rockefeller assembled an impressive volume of information and attempted to sell the Clintons on the idea that they needed to stand up to the CIA and other forces within the government that sought to keep all the information about UFOs and Aliens secret from the public.

Although we have no comments from either of the Clintons about the briefing or their reaction to it, we do know that many of Clinton?s advisors did their best to portray Rockefeller as a kind of nut that would waste their time with the UFO briefing. Most felt that the President and First Lady should give the material little weight and endure it as briefly and politely as possible. However, not everyone felt that way.

When John Podesta became President Clinton?s Chief of Staff in 1998, it was well known that he was a fanatical fan of The X Files. Podesta was fascinated with the UFO subject. One White House Staffer said he would sometimes get on the phone and call places like Area 51 to ask the Air Force what was really going on out there. Given John Podesta?s passion for seeking the truth about UFOs, it would be hard to believe that the Clintons were not given every opportunity to find out what the government really knew about UFOs.

Thanks to a Presidential Executive Order (#12958) signed by Bill Clinton, over 80 million secret documents were made available for declassification. Many of these documents had to do with UFOs. In fact, the Sci-Fi Channel became the direct beneficiary of some of that information using it as a springboard to call for the government to release more information about UFOs and to produce subsequent programming about various high-profile UFO events including the Roswell and Kecksburg UFO crashes.

A second briefing given to President Clinton (and Vice President Gore) is one that I have known about, but not publicized up to this point. That briefing was given over a secure phone connection by former U.S. Government Scientist and Air Force Officer, Dr. Michael Wolf. Among those present on the phone was my friend and fellow UFO Researcher, Dick Criswell. Dick was a member of Wolf?s AlphaCom Team. Unlike the Rockefeller briefing, this one was official and provided very detailed and extremely sensitive information to President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

Former President Clinton is a very intelligent man. Although he likes to play the part of the good ole boy that happened to get lucky and end up in the White House, he is a force to be reckoned with and not simply the Hilary puppet that many pundits claim. Clinton knows the value of information and how to use it to get what he wants. It surprises me that he hasn?t been more open about his own quest for UFO information and what he has officially learned about the subject from sources like Dr Wolf and the AlphaCom Team.

I do not know what lead up to the Wolf Briefing, but I know that politicians often find themselves up against a brick wall when it comes to getting information about UFOs from conventional government and military sources. And they are not alone. I have had many people serving in the military or working with them complain about the secrecy surrounding the subject. In 1993, I received a call from an Instructor that was teaching a course at the Air Force Academy. I was presenting a series of seminars in Colorado Springs and he heard me talking about the subject on a local radio station.

During our phone conversation, the Instructor stated that he and others at the Academy were always directed to the old Project Bluebook materials any time they had questions about UFOs or tried to get materials on the subject for their students. Knowing that I would be presenting my seminar entitled The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up (now available on DVD) the following evening; he asked if I would consider adding an additional seminar sitting for Air Force Academy Cadets, Instructors and interested parties.

I added the additional sitting and it was quite an experience presenting a seminar about the UFO Cover-Up to a room filled with several hundred Air Force Academy Cadets, Officers and Instructors. That experience really drove home the point to me that even those with good military connections may not have the juice to get to the truth or even a small portion of it. I can imagine that even U.S. Presidents might end up feeling the same frustration as they try to obtain information about UFOs and what the government knows about Aliens visiting Earth.

Given their political ambitions, Bill and Hillary must be concerned about something other than the status quo considering their relative silence about the UFO subject. Perhaps they feel some sort of political retaliation or worse. It is well known that Bill Clinton asked his friend and Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell for two inquiries as soon as he became president: 1) Are UFOs real and 2) What about the JFK Assassination. It?s unknown what type response he received.

Given the fact that the former president idolized assassinated president John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton may have learned from what some feel was Kennedy?s fatal error. Although his murder has been blamed on everyone from angry mobsters and government conspirators to a lone gunman, recent evidence indicates that President Kennedy was murdered by secret government insiders that believed he might reveal the truth about UFOs and Aliens to the public.

Still careful and deliberately vague whenever he comments about UFOs, Bill Clinton seems to understand the code of silence set in place for high-ranking ex-government officials and retired members of the military. Clinton probably believes that there is just no safe political currency to be gained in exposing the secrets about UFOs and Aliens and he may well be right. Those that sought to ignore that code have been murdered, died early deaths or been killed under suspicious circumstances.

New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff died of cancer at age 51 after making many inquiries into the Roswell UFO Crash and raising public awareness on the matter. Former Navy Officer William Milton Cooper (Bill Cooper) was shot to death by law enforcement officers that claimed he charged after and shot at them (with his one good leg). Cooper spent years exposing the secret government in place to deal with Aliens. Former government geologist Phil Schneider was found dead with piano wire tied around his neck after years of speaking out about secret underground bases and hostile encounters between aliens and members of the military. Schneider had been shot several times and on other occasions before his death.

It?s sad to think that the best the American Public can hope for is some occasional deathbed statement or confession from those involved with the cover-up to provide any reliable information about what the government knows about UFOs and Aliens. Part of the blame lies at the door of our news media as they chuckle about or make light of any and all stories of UFO sightings, alien encounters or the government cover-up of related information. One can only hope that some fearless politicians and reporters eventually appear who are willing to expand their reality boxes to include more than just what happens on this small planet and tell the truth to a public hungry for it.

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